Food: Allies and Enemies

aliments_allies_ennemis_02-300x300To keep a healthy mouth, we must adopt a balanced diet. Above all, avoid snacking between meals and sugary sodas.

The damage snacking

Digestion begins in the mouth with chewing. At the same time, the acidity of the oral cavity increases to facilitate the breakdown of food. The catch is that this acidity also promotes bacterial attack on the teeth, so the risk of caries. Fortunately, saliva reduces the acidity in the mouth and neutralize the pH two hours after meals, thus limiting the risk of caries. However, when moving day snacks, sugary foods in addition, saliva did not have time to rebalance the pH, so the bacteria can feed quietly in a highly supportive environment.

The fruit before the cheese

The bacteria in plaque feed on sugars, and use them to attack the enamel of the tooth. While it is customary to finish the meal with fruit, better get Shield-09to the dairy if you are particularly sensitive to the risk of caries. Indeed, dairy products naturally protect the teeth of the acid attack. For children, it is best to give them a glass of milk for tea rather than fruit juice. That said, everything is a matter of dosage. Milk containing sugar, do not let a small child with a bottle of milk all day. This would be catastrophic for his teeth.

Beware of too much acidic foods

Sugar and acid duo is terrible for your teeth. People prone to cavities should therefore pay particular attention to acidic foods:

  • carbonated drinks
  • Fruit juices
  • citrus and especially lemon

Juice Labels-CS6You used to drink orange juice in the morning? If tooth sensitivity, it is best to drink it with a straw so that the acidity does not spread throughout the mouth, and ideally wait one hour to brush your teeth. Thus the saliva will have had time to reduce the acidity of the mouth.

Our advices

  • Saliva plays a role of preparation for the digestion and also participates actively in the protection of the oral cavity after meals.
  • A balanced diet is learned from an early age and regularly eat everything. Do not give in to snacking.

Snacking prevents saliva play a protective role

Finally meal or during the day, avoid sugary foods

Sugar and acid: an explosive mixture