Gingival graft for aesthetic purposes

Various cosmetic defects of the oral cavity are treated with a tissue graft (sampling and movement under anesthesia for a piece of gum).


Gingival graft and recovery from a recession of the gums

Some recessions of the gingiva are treated by covering the denudation of the tooth root by a gingival graft.

After ten days, the healing is well advanced. A few weeks or months, are sometimes necessary to achieve complete healing and a final aesthetic result. Depending on the case, the recession of the gums can be covered totally or partially.

Gingival graft and filling a volume deficit at an edentulous ridge

The tooth extraction often cause a reduction in volume of the gum and bone at this level. During subsequent tooth replacement with a bridge or implant if the loss of volume of tissue is not compensated, the aesthetic result is often disappointing. This problem can be solved by grafting some gum in the area.

This intervention provides a satisfactory cosmetic result. It is mainly carried out in highly visible areas of the mouth and particularly on the anterior teeth.

Our advices

  • The hygiene of the area where the graft is performed is very important for optimal aesthetic results. Mouthwashes prescribed after surgery must be performed with great care.
  • Tobacco reduces the success of gingival grafts. For best results, stopping or decreasing your smoking during the few days or weeks before and after surgery can only be beneficial for the final aesthetic result.