Prosthesis on implant

prothese_implant_08-500x500Various types of prostheses may be carried out on implants in the same manner as the root of the teeth.

Fixed prosthesis implant

Crowns and bridges can be made on implants. One or more prints are made and the crown or bridge is then made by a dental technician and are fixed to the implants by screwing or gluing.

Dentures on implants

Dentures, whether partial or complete may be stabilized by implants. The implants are put in place before the production of the prosthesis or in an existing prosthesis. The prosthesis is fixed on the implants or by attachment means which are often in the form of small snaps.

In some cases, a partial denture stabilization eliminates hooks that would be unsightly.

The time of fabrication after the establishment of the implantsprothese_implant_05-700x467

Overall, we expect that an implant is well integrated into the bone in which it was placed to realize the prosthesis (two to six months). With the evolution of implants, this period tends to decrease; it is possible, sometimes, to achieve a transitional prosthesis immediately after implant placement. This allows, especially for anterior teeth, for a transitional prosthesis quite aesthetic.

Cost and reimbursement

It is determined by the number of teeth to replace the number of implants to be asked and the type of prostheses in place. A treatment plan enables a first estimate for surgery (implant placement) and the prosthesis (crown or unit). Currently, Social Security does not support the prosthesis implant. Some supplementary insurance offer annual packages for implant placement.

Our advices

  • The implant prostheses are subject to regular monitoring as well as prosthetics on natural teeth.
  • A rigorous hygiene limits the risk of infection resulting in loosening at the implants, the same way as the teeth.

The implant is a medium of choice for prosthetic devices

As well as quality, aesthetics remains a constant concern of the practitioner