At what age and how children should they brush their teeth?

Right out of the first teeth, the child can learn to brush their teeth. From 6 years, make sure that the child cleans well the first permanent molars.


Parents can spend occasionally wet bandages on the gums of infants to familiarize with the oral hygiene.


It must guide the children and show them how to brush their teeth. Small circular motions must be made on all sides of the teeth. First, it’s an adult to brush the teeth of the child.

– Copy a adult: since it is able, the child can brush his teeth by mimicking adults placed next to it which then ends brushing to make it perfect. Once the child can realize fully only proper brushing, using the adult may be removed.

– Evening obligatory: it is recommended to brush your teeth in the morning after breakfast and especially at night before bed. Then the child should not sleep with a bottle filled with anything other than water, the risk of developing many cavities.

– A brush adapted a small toothbrush head tooth must be used to access every corner. Avoid toothpaste before mastering rinsing.


This is the age of onset of the first permanent teeth. Brushing technique does not change, but we must ensure that children go clean out the back teeth (first permanent molars), which are often poorly scrubbed due to difficulty of access, and which have a increased risk of caries in the months following the eruption

Our advices

  • Even if they do not remain in the mouth throughout life, the baby teeth should be brushed thoroughly to prevent tooth decay. Indeed, the decay of baby teeth can reach and damage the germs of permanent teeth just below.
  • The combination of a good brushing and a healthy diet will allow your child to keep good teeth and avoid long treatment in the dental office.

Getting your child to brush his teeth by making it your own mime gestures

After brushing the evening, more sweets, sodas and more over bottle of milk to fall asleep

The pace of brushing 2 times a day for 2 minutes