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We work to get the best smile for our patients. We believe in the importance of a healthy mouth, our priority is to ensure your dental health throughout our cosmetic and dental implants

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Our patients receive individualized attention and personalized by the team of specialists of Dental Practice Campos Elíseos, who are fully qualified in every  branch of dentistry and officially registered  in the councils of the corresponding order and perform all treatments guaranteeing success of each.

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Régénération osseuse
Cosmetic dentistry
Dental hygiene and prevention
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Our clinic

The Dental Clinic Campos Elíseos develops all dental specialties within the facilities located in Alvalade – Luanda.

These facilities are equipped with the latest technology and provide on-site comprehensive care in treatments, avoiding patients the hassle of attending far away premises.

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1. How to prepare before dental treatment with relaxation and breathing exercises, such as: This breathing technique is fast and effective. It helps to reduce tension, emotion, stress and soothes the vegetative neuro system. To start, inhale by inflating the belly. Then slowly exhale through......

Since the work of Prof. Bränemark’s team in Göteborg (Sweden) on osseointegration, implantology has made considerable progress and has become a highly specialized technology. Thanks to new surgical techniques, more patients can now benefit from implants. Implantology statistics have improved considerably, with the rate of......

The natural color of the teeth As all people are different, the color of each individual’s teeth is just as much. There are four families of natural color shades of teeth, as illustrated at right: Auburn (reddish-brown) (A); Yellow-reddish (B); Gray (C); Reddish-gray (D). This......