Clinical case of dental aesthetics: the importance of feeling comfortable when you smile

Every day we use hundreds of facial gestures involuntarily. Among these gestures, the most used ones show part of our teeth: smiling, talking, biting, yawning ...

A person who has a serious aesthetic problem in his smile, has to deal with negative emotions every day: being ashamed when showing his teeth, not smiling with confidence or covering his mouth when doing so, seeing how others look at his teeth while talking, etc. This, little by little, deteriorates the self-esteem and emotional health of the person who suffers, even to destabilize their mental health.

At Clinica Dentaria Campos Eliseos we understand that our patients may be dealing with problems that go beyond their oral health, so we will always ensure their comfort in the clinic and trust in the medical team that is in charge of returning their smile.

When we transform the smile of a patient, the true value is that his life will change: he will regain confidence when talking, eating or smiling and he will wear a beautiful and, above all, healthy smile.

We share with you this clinical case, which we were able to solve with our professional dental aesthetics treatments.

Take care of the aesthetics and health of your smile

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