The gum is mucosal tissue pink surrounding the teeth. When undergoing an attack (infection, presence of calculus, …) gingivitis develops.


It is an inflammation of the gums, which swells, becomes dark red and bleeding at the slightest touch: brushing teeth, biting into an apple, etc. Frequent, gingivitis is often located between two teeth. It can spread and even become widespread. Without treatment it promotes loosening and can also accelerate the loss of teeth.


Most often gingivitis is caused by the presence of an excess of tartar, itself produced by the dental plaque. Plaque and tartar are supportive environments for bacterial growth, and therefore localized infection of the gums.

Often linked to poor oral hygiene, gingivitis, however, is favoured by some situations: pregnancy, smoking, diabetes, by poorly positioned teeth or caries poorly treated…


Treatment of gingivitis is based on:

  • Improved dental hygiene by the patient
  • A thorough descaling realized the firm
  • The possible use of mouthwashes

Our advices

  • Only appropriate dental hygiene can keep you away from severe gingivitis.
  • Tooth brushing is the key to good health: 2 minutes, 2 times a day after meals with a soft brush in good condition and so changed every 3 months.
  • Other means contribute to fight plaque and its inconveniences: the dental floss and interdental brushes used to remove food debris. The dental jet is also an interesting extra, brushing Complementary.
  • We recommend that you at least once a year a visit control and careful descaling.