Implant maintenance

As with natural teeth, rigorous hygiene and regular follow-up are necessary for the healthy maintenance of dental implants.

Implant complications

  • Infectious complications: implants, like teeth, can be removed. Implantation of the implants (also called peri-implantitis) is an infectious phenomenon caused by insufficient cleaning around the implants.
  • Mechanical complications: these complications are rare. These are fractures of the implants themselves, or screws that serve to fix the prosthesis in the implant.

Prevention of complications

  • Prevention of infectious complications requires careful cleaning of the gingival / implant junction. This should be done at least twice a day with careful brushing of the toothbrush and interdental care instruments (dental floss or interdental brush). It must be associated with a professional cleaning by the dentist, one or several times a year according to the recommendations of the firm.
  • The prevention of mechanical complications requires regular checking of the occlusion, ie the careful adjustment of the contacts between the teeth. These adjustments are made with slight grinding of the teeth or implant prostheses.

Our advices

  • Follow-up by your practitioner will protect you from many inconveniences.


As with teeth, infectious or mechanical complications can occur at the implants.