Pre-implant bone grafting?

Dental implants act as artificial tooth roots and are placed in the jawbone. A no guarantees sufficient anchorage for the prosthesis, implants must be placed in sufficient bone volume. When the bone volume is too low, it can be increased surgically with a bone graft.

The bone availability for placing implants is evaluated with imaging techniques in three dimensions that can quantify height and thickness of bone available in the area to implement. These images also give the possibility to verify that no surgical obstacles exist in this area.

The most conventional tests for analysis of bone volume Jaws scanner and Cone Beam (panoramic X 3D). These radiographic examinations are not reimbursed by Social Security.

Low bone volume


There are different types of bone grafts. Depending on the realized type of transplant, intervention can take place at the office or clinic under local or general anaesthesia.


In all cases, the procedure is performed under strict aseptic conditions of the operating room.

generally, there are two types of bone grafts:

  • Autografts: the bone is taken from the person receiving the transplant. The bone is most commonly taken on the jaw, near the area to be grafted. For transplants greater extent, the bone can be removed in the skull.
  • Transplants “no drawdown” then the bone defect can be filled with various synthetic materials, human or animal. In all cases, these materials undergo a series of treatments guaranteeing a very high safety.
Laying the transplant


The consequences of a bone graft depend on the nature and extent of the graft. Like any surgery, pre-implant bone grafts are followed by a healing period, during which may occur pain, swelling, or in very rare cases a complication.


For this period of healing takes place in the best conditions, a prescription and post-operative advice, to follow “to the letter”, you are given by your doctor.

Sucessful transplant

The available bone volume in the upper molars is often insufficient to put a dental implant

Bone grafts allow an increase in the volume

The transplant can be performed in office or clinic under local or general anaesthesia