Smile aesthetics

The aesthetics of the smile and the smile has become essential for the patient and dentist.

Preserve or restore harmonious smile becomes a constant concern in the daily exercise of professional. then we talk about cosmetic dentistry or cosmetic.

Aesthetic rehabilitation techniques are detailed and patient in consultation explained, in order to propose the best treatment tailored to your needs.

The smile aesthetics is linked to good integrity of the teeth, but also their alignment and the quality of the gum around them.

The choice of treatment will be made after a clinical examination in order to maintain proper rehabilitation technique:

  • A bleaching technique: when it comes to lighten the color of teeth for a brilliant smile.
  • Placing facets that are very thin ceramic coatings (0.5mm) sustainably glued on the outer side of the teeth.
  • Orthodontic treatment: to align the teeth with malposition or dental crowding.
  • An aesthetic restoration: ceramic composite materials or when there is a violation of the integrity of the tooth (caries, fractures, …).
  • A surgical technique (gingival and bone graft) for the loss of gums and teeth bones apparent.


Our advice:

  • Do not hesitate to learn about what you can do to improve your smile.
  • It is not proposing a style “kind of smile” but better, or give everyone their natural smile.