How manage your stress before and during dental treatment ?

1. How to prepare before dental treatment with relaxation and breathing exercises, such as:

This breathing technique is fast and effective. It helps to reduce tension, emotion, stress and soothes the vegetative neuro system.

  • To start, inhale by inflating the belly.
  • Then slowly exhale through the mouth as if the breath was passing through a straw. The longer the expiration, the better the relaxation.
  • In a second step, focus on three points:
    • The chin (to relax the whole face)
    • Shoulders (to relax the neck, arms, trunk and back)
    • The abdomen (to promote relaxation of the belly, pelvis and lower limbs).
  • In a third time, inhale slowly, then on an exhalation “lying in the manner of a straw”, release the chin, the shoulders, the abdomen.

Try to become aware of the relaxation that is gaining each of these areas.

2. How to relax during treatment

Listen to your music that relaxes you:

Before you settle in, ask your dentist if you can listen to music with headphones or headphones. Beforehand, you will have selected music that you like. A good way not to hear unpleasant noises during a descaling for example …

Use an anti-stress ball

It’s stupid, but it works! Go to the dentist with an anti-stress ball that you will keep in your hand during the consultation to relieve the stress that you have in you. Go for it!

Get involved in the consultation

You can ask your dentist to explain what he is doing, to dramatize and avoid doing “movies” on your own. In addition, he can reassure you as and when, by saying that it is only observe your teeth or that in 1 minute after the small local anesthesia you will not feel anything …

Possibility of conscious sedation

This is the oral ingestion of a combination of drugs that will be given to you within our walls, one hour before your intervention. After swallowing these tablets, your apprehensions and fears begin to rise, you begin to doze.