Tips on oral hygiene during Christmas

Nothing is worse than the holiday sweets for the bacteria of your mouth. Bacteria feast on carbohydrates (which includes sugars and starch) and we bet you have them on your buffet. We have explored a few of these holiday desserts and drinks to see the effect they have on your oral health. Some will even surprise you positively!


Red wine fights bacteria. It contains proanthocyanids that prevent bacteria from sticking to your teeth. It also contains antioxidants that decrease inflammation (gingivitis). Cranberry has similar qualities. White wine, on the other hand, contains much more acidity, which can attack the tooth enamel. Pay attention to drinks such as hot wine that may contain added sugar.


Eggnog is delicious because it is made with cream and sugar. It may be an excellent drink for your taste buds, but it is not the best for your teeth and it contains a lot of calories. So, consume it in moderation and perhaps accompanied by a glass of water!


The fruit cake made a lot of carbohydrates. The cake and the dried fruits it contains stick to your teeth, leaving room for the bacteria that feast on them and lead to caries. If you still want to consume it, make sure you thoroughly rinse your mouth and eliminate any pieces that could get caught between your teeth.


Dark chocolate is the best type of chocolate to allow itself because it contains antioxidants in the form of flavonoids. Milk chocolate contains less cocoa while this is the one that contains the flavonoids and it usually contains more sugar. Chocolate is also a better option than caramel because it goes with the saliva where the caramel sticks to the teeth and produces the same effect as the fruit cake.


This is pure sugar. It can stick to your teeth if you crunch it, leaving behind swirls of sugar and it can break your teeth. If you unpack a barley sugar in this season, rinse your mouth well or drink a glass of water to get rid of sugars.

The best advice for the holiday season is moderation. Plus a glass of water never hurts and water makes food particles particle and moisturizes you.


Merry Christmas and happy end of year!